200 Hour Teacher Training



February 15, 2019: 7:30- 8:30pm 

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200 Hour



Lectures, practice, experiential learning and group discussion in the topics below.  Transform your practice with one-on-one attention from highly trained and experienced teachers and mentors. Apprenticeship and teaching opportunities are available to Thrive training graduates.

  • Asana: Learn the physical and energetic qualities of postures and how to apply them in teaching students of all different physical abilities and experiences. Learn to teach to the "whole" student.  Deepen your practice by deepening your understanding of the structure of the asana as it "lands" in your body.
  • Pranayama:  Learn and practice pranayama techniques and how to weave pranayama through an asana class. Love to breathe!
  • Meditation:  Introduction to several styles of meditation. Learn how a meditation practice is key to being more conscious.
  • Pratayahara:  Learn techniques in managing a highly stimulating world.


Teaching Methodology

Train in tested methods of teaching yoga and how to sequence hatha and vinyasa yoga,pranayama and meditation.  You will be prepared to teach several styles of yoga.  Most trainees resonate with one or two styles.  Your mentor will guide you to the best matched career path or yoga journey.


Teaching Specialties

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Beginners Yoga
Practice Teaching

Thrive Yoga’s training is specially designed for you to graduate as an experienced yoga teacher.  Gain experience teaching poses and sequences that are interesting and effective.

Practice Teaching course study includes:

  • Class Observations
  • Demonstration and Mirroring
  • Practice Teaching to Peers and Novices
  • Teaching Prep Poses
  • Teaching to Beginners
  • Cueing & Assisting
  • Mentor feedback and written assessments
Anatomy & Physiology

Training in the anatomy and physiology of the human body and movement.  Learn to recognize biomechanics, structure and fluid movement in yourself and your students.

Philosophy & Specialty Lectures
  • The History of Yoga and Lineages-Learn the history of yoga and the philosophy behind the styles practiced in the world.
  • Yoga Sutra Study-Yoga philosophy as studied by the ancients and modern interpretation and application in life today.
  • The Science and Mystery of Yoga-Learn where fact and science meet philosophy and experience.  Lear the how weave yoga into your life.
  • The Brain on Yoga. Learn the latest research on consciousness and techniques to train the brain for the life you desire.
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Energetic Body-How is the human body energy? Chakras and vibrational body.
  • Chakra Yoga
  • Chanting and fun and unique Yoga Techniques rarely taught.

 200 Hour Teacher Training Fee:

Sept 2018-June2019 Weekend Format:


Early Bird: Deadline passed

Regular Fee: $350 nonrefundable deposit with application PLUS $2250 due September 14, 2018


Payment Plan Options:                                                                                                                    $350 nonrefundable deposit PLUS Three (3) payments of $775 due: Sept 15, Nov 15, and Jan 15, 2018


Mar 2019--Dec 2019 Weekend Format:


Early Bird: 350 nonrefundable deposit with application PLUS $1950 due February 15, 2019

Regular Fee: $350 nonrefundable deposit with application PLUS $2250 due March 25, 2019


Payment Plan Options:                                                                                                                    $350 nonrefundable deposit PLUS Three (3) payments of $775 due: Mar 15, May 15, and July 15, 2019

An Application must be submitted with the deposit. We will charge your deposit after acceptance into the training.

Work-trade positions are available. Inquire via email to ugonma@thriveyoga.com




Thrive 200-Hour Teacher Trainings


Weekend Format


SEPT 2018 - JUN 2019

Sept 15-16| Oct 20-21| Nov 17-18| Dec 8-9| Jan 19-20| Feb 16-17| Mar 16-17| April 6-7; 27-28| May 4-5; 18-19| Jun 1-2; 8-9


Saturday and Sunday | 11:00am-5:30pm


MAR - DEC 2019

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Saturday and Sunday | 11:00am-5:30pm


Trainees with schedule conflicts will be able to make-up missed lectures in one of the future Thrive 200-hour trainings at no cost or by attending another program with an equivalent curriculum. Other make-ups can be scheduled for a fee.



"I teach yoga in a poetic way! The Training at Thrive has helped me in many aspects of my journey in this world. It was an out of the box experience for me as a new immigrant."Amir  "Changed my life!" JF   "I miss being able to ask a thousand questions...I miss the constant stretching of my brain!" Christina  "The Teacher Training is a bunch of people hugging you for who you are" Zeynap  "I had no idea how I would transform and grow." Viv  "Transformational" Shelly  "I am a different person" Nicky  "I did my 300-hour in California  after my 200 at Thrive and was astonished at how much the Thrive 200-hour training taught me.  I was the most knowledgeable yogi in the group".  Jess  "The trainers are extraordinary and the people in my training are like family." Diana

Why apply for the Teacher Training at Thrive?

There is no better way to laugh out loud and become more alive than the Thrive Yoga Teacher Training.  

Walk our Talk. This training is great for you if you are looking to deepen your practice or become a confident and knowledgeable yoga teacher.  Thrive Teachers are from Thrive Trainings.  Take our classes and experience yoga with our teachers.
Committed to your Growth. The Thrive Yoga Trainers encourage trainees to see their potential as a yogi and as a calm and vital human being. You will deepen your practice and transform your life.
Proven. Thrive training programs were first introduced 10 years ago and have graduated nearly 350 unique teachers and inquisitive yoga students.
Experience. Our faculty is a TEAM of seasoned yoga instructors and lecturers with broad experience in their fields.  Our Trainers are RYT-500 Accredited Yoga Trainers.
Modern Yogic Wisdom. We evolve and improve the training based on new research and innovations in yoga and in the field of wellness.  
Leadership & Legacy. Susan Mondi Bowen is  Thrive's Training Director and Studio Owner.  Thrive Yoga has been thriving for more than 14 years.  Susan has been practicing yoga and leading a healthy lifestyle for more than 30 years.