300 Hour Teacher Training Application


300–Hour Teacher Training Application

Only applications submitted with a paid deposit will be reviewed for acceptance into the program. After completing the application, click "apply" and you will be prompted to make an online payment.

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In respect for the tradition of yoga, the Thrive Yoga Teacher Training includes training in the foundation of yoga practice and study in the modern application of yoga today. How will expanded consciousness (spirit), physical body, and mind, connect and move to the human experience in 2014 and beyond? With the foundational practice of yoga, what is the human potential? If you are interested in this (and you are into A LOT of asana), this training is for you!

I have read and understand the terms of this application and I have answered all questions honestly, completely and to the best of my knowledge.

300-Hour Teacher Training and Apprenticeship

Jan 22, Jan 31-Feb 1| Feb 19, Feb 28-Mar 1| Mar 28-29| Apr 16, 25-26| May 16-17, 21|
Jun 6-7, 18| Jul 11-12, 23| Aug 20, 29-30| Sept 24, 26-27| Oct 22, 24-25| Nov 19, 21-22

Classroom Time

11 Weekends 9:00 AM-5:00PM and

11 Thursday Evenings 7:30-9:30PM

Make-up Policy
Students that have schedule conflicts will be able to make-up missed lectures during the NEXT Thrive 300-Hour training at no cost.  Other make-ups can be scheduled for a fee.

Teacher Training Fee
$3800 due January 5, 2015

$3300 early bird due December 1, 2014

$575 nonrefundable deposit required with application

Payment Plan Option
Available by request at susan@thriveyoga.com

We offer ONE work-trade position as administrative assistant in exchange for 50% tuition credit.  To inquire about the work-trade position email susan@thriveyoga.com

Questions about the training?  Email susan@thriveyoga.com or call 301-294-9642