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Brand New to Yoga? Don’t know where to start your yoga journey?
Haven’t practiced in ages? This one is for you.

Over the course of 8 weeks, You will:

  • Receive detailed instruction, demonstration, and hands-on assistance that will guide you through the fundamentals of building a strong practice.
  • Learn how to practice and adapt classic yoga poses to fit your current level of strength and flexibility in a safe and practical environment.
  • Increase physically mobility and mental neuroplasticity through yoga sequences that build from week to week in an comprehensive format.
  • Explore breathing (pranayama) and focus (meditation) techniques to start the process of relaxing agitated mental states and redirecting your subconscious attention towards creating the lifestyle that you truly desire.
  • Be led by our experienced yoga teachers through the beginning stages of yoga all while having fun!

Dates & Times:

Mondays | 7:35-8:35pm w/Kristen
8 week Session | $128
January 7 - February 25
March 4 - April 22
Wednesdays | 9:30-10:30am w/Shelly
8 week Session | $128
January 9 - February 27
March 6 - April 24
Thursdays | 7:35-8:35pm w/Jane
8 week Session | $128
January 3 - February 21
February 28 - April 18