Thrive Yoga Privates & Parties


One-on-One and Small Group Private Instruction

Yoga Instruction – One-on-one and small group instruction for just about any reason that is important to you.

Yoga Therapy – Recover from injury, reduce insomnia, or manage a chronic condition.

Reiki – Reiki helps to reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and aids in emotional and physical healing.

Meditation Instruction – Learn meditation techniques to calm down and de-stress.

Thai Yoga Massage – Charm your body. Thai massage will leave you feeling sublime physically, and create more space spiritually for the true you. Through Nuad Bo-Rarn Thai Massage. you will have your full range of movement explored and gently extended. Delve into the realms of surrender and a natural sedation through an energy dance. Hypnotically inducing and elevating, Thai Massage releases points of tension in the body which block the natural flow of energy, and induces homeostasis, balance and harmony. Some of the natural benefits include an increase in flexibility and range of motion. Alignment and postural integrity to the body improves circulation and strengthens the internal organs, Experience relieve from pain, feel peace and enjoy a quiet mind.Thai Massage improves neurological functioning and assists in reliving degenerative conditions associated with the aging process.


Kids & Adult Birthday Parties – Any occasion is a great time to party! Group yoga practice and party room.

Bridal Showers & Themed Parties – Make use of the peaceful environment at Thrive for your special day.

Aerial Yoga Party with Silk Hammocks - Fly with your friends! Limited to 10 participants, this party gets you lifted and loose. $300 /hr.




Yoga 60|90 minutes | $95/$135

Yoga Therapy 60|90 minutes | $100/$150

Thai Yoga Massage 60|90 mins| $105/$145

Aerial Silks 60|90 minutes | $125/$175

Reiki 60|90 minutes | $110/$135

Meditation 30|60 minutes | $40/$65

Yoga Parties starting at $200

Exact prices for multiple visits or small groups can be quoted upon request.

Email for more information. 



Thrive Yoga Private Classes
Thrive Yoga Private Classes
Thrive Yoga Private Classes