Angelina Halpin

Describe yourself in three words: Misfit, Free-spirit, "Trailblazer"
Why do you teach Yoga? I teach yoga because I believe that it is the most honest path for self healing, awareness, and exploration. Each practice offers us an opportunity to observe, witness, and learn more about ourselves so that we can thrive closer to our full potential.  
Something surprising about you: My self-symbol is a fire hydrant and I embarked on a journey with it through art and empirical research that began seven years ago.
What inspires you? Most recently, I have been inspired by the pattern of life/death/life, regeneration, evolution, and the way that centering/creating around a deep void has the power to bring fullness into life.
What's the scariest thing on your bucket list? Having a child/giving birth to an earthling.
Training/Certifications: 200-HR RYT from Yoga District in Washington, DC; Reiki I & II; currently pursuing 500-HR RYT at Thrive Yoga
Angelina is a Rockville, Maryland native with a diverse background of personal and educational studies. She studied Speech Therapy at the University of Maryland, minored in Fine Art at Montgomery College, and has completed some graduate work in Art Therapy at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Angelina is a freelance artist who enjoys painting, drawing, mixed media collage, ceramics, and sculpture. She is working towards specializing in yoga nidra studies, along with art + yoga paired practices and workshops. Her classes aim to bring students into dormant aspects of self as a way to unlock unused potential and “gold” within the shadow.

Angelina Halpin instructs the following:
  • Open Vinyasa ($12)
  • Popular flowing style of yoga known for practicing deep breathing and increasing self-awareness and fitness. Students who like moving with breath to build heat, strength, and flexibility favor vinyasa yoga. Expect unique sequences and a wide range of music.

    Sweat Factor: 7
    Chill Factor: 5

  • Internal Garden Art: Fortify Your Emotional Landscape
  • $35 | Earlybird by April 16th $29
    “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.”

    Yoga nidra and art-making are two practices that enhance communication between the conscious and subconscious mind, leading to higher levels of awareness. During the nidra practice, our bodies are put to sleep while our mind maintains a one-pointed awareness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, during the art-making portion, our bodies are fully awake and actively functioning while our artistic process brings us to this space.

    When our conscious mind is able to dialogue with deeper aspects of self, subconscious enlightenment has the potential to occur—leading to conscious integration. Achieving this clarity can be a fundamental turning point for manifesting our qualities of self into a cohesive, realistic whole.

    As we reach the end of April and prepare to transition in to May, it is the perfect time to focus on inner growth and abundance! Explore what’s thrivin’ inside of you! As they say, April showers bring May flowers.

    The goal of this workshop is to bring students in to a space where they can strengthen emotional awareness of Self. You will be taken through a yoga nidra meditation asking you to identify with, feel, explore, and observe your internal garden. What is present? Flowers? Trees? Animals? A combination of many things? What stands out? What is the weather like? After the nidra practice, you will use art materials to enhance feelings, colors, qualities, and images present in your internal garden.

    This workshop is especially great for self-exploration, taking an observational role towards the Self, and breaking the pattern of unwanted repetitive thoughts.

  • Open Hatha with Yoga Nidra ($12)
  • 30 minutes of Hatha Yoga and 30 Minutes of Yoga Nidra.
    In Hatha Yoga explore postures (asanas); breathing exercises and energy balance (pranayama). Instruction includes pose alignment; relaxation techniques; concentration, meditation. Yoga Nidra practice will train you to become systematically and increasing aware of the inner world by following the guide of the instructor. Yoga Nidra has been shown to reduce tension, anxiety, and most of the symptoms associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The state of Nidra is often said to be equivalent to four times as much deep, restorative sleep. 

  • Hatha and Restore - Beginner/Intermediate
  • Mixed format class. Hatha yoga for all body types and fitness levels will warm the body as we pay attention to alignment and breathing cues. Then enjoy deep relaxation in restorative yoga postures designed to release tension, stretch muscles, calm down and detoxify from over-stimulation in a fast-paced world. Using props, blankets, and bolsters, yoga postures and breathing exercises are sequenced to open your body slowly without resistance.
    Sweat Factor: 5
    Chill Factor: 8