Susan Mondi

Describe yourself in three words: Fun, inquisitive, alive
Why do you teach Yoga?
It keeps me present and young at heart. No other job in the world requires me to consciously breathe all day long.
What inspires you?
Where did you get your training/certifications?
I have several certifications and have attended yoga workshops and trainings in all different styles since 1987. The biggest influence on my skill as a teacher has been from teaching yoga to thousands of students over the last 14 years. On the job training. My style is derived from the yoga tools that are the most effective and most pleasureable ways to live a conscious, healthy and loving life.
Studio owner;Yoga Training Director and an E-RYT500, susan has studied various yoga styles and yoga fusion formats for more than 25 years, including Baptiste Power Vinyasa, ISHTA, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Yoga Nidra and Therapeutic Yoga. Susan teaches within the framework of Kriya yoga using the tools of the 8-limbs of yoga. Her classes class are sequenced uniquely to inspire strength, flexibility and conscious awareness. Expect your yoga practice to surprise you.

Susan is the creator, director and lead trainer of the Thrive Yoga Teacher Trainings. Thrive Yoga Trainings have graduated more than 200 yoga teachers who today continue to uniquely influence yoga in America (and other countries). Thrive Yoga Trainings specialize in helping trainees discover and develop their unique voice as a human being and as a yoga teacher.

Susan Mondi instructs the following:
  • Open Hatha ($12)
  • A well-rounded yoga class exploring postures (asanas); breathing exercises and energy balance (pranayama). Classes include training in: pose alignment; relaxation techniques; concentration, meditation. Expect to improve your overall sense of well-being.

    Sweat Factor: 6
    Chill Factor: 7

  • Yoga Rookie: Hot Vinyasa for Beginners (ENROLLMENT)

  • Vinyasa Flow - Beginner/Intermediate
  • Everything alive, vibrates! Celebrate being alive with creatively sequenced asana to live musical vibrations!
    Sweat Factor: 8
    Chill Factor: 5

  • Vinyasa Flow - Beginner
  • Popular flowing style of yoga known for practicing deep breathing and increasing self-awareness and fitness. Students who like moving with breath to build heat, strength, and flexibility favor vinyasa yoga. Expect unique sequences and a wide range of music.
    Sweat Factor: 8
    Chill Factor:    5

  • Warm Hatha - Beginner/Intermediate
  • A well-rounded yoga class exploring postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and energy balancing, in a room gently heated to around 78 degrees. Classes include training in: pose alignment; relaxation techniques; concentration, meditation. Expect to improve your overall sense of well-being.

    Sweat Factor: 8
    Chill Factor: 7

  • Private: Richard Montgomery Staff
  • Private Group class with Susan Mondi

  • Yoga for Healthy Backs
  • $79 | Members get 20% discount
    Join Healthy Backs 4-part series to understand how to feel strong and flexible in your backbending postures on and off of the mat.  Learn the modifications for postures and methods for healthy movements of your spine that are specific to you!  Ask questions about the poses that "just don't feel right".
    This smaller, more intimate, and hands-on therapeutic workshop series is perfect for yoga beginners or seasoned students who experience discomfort, pain, or physical symptoms anywhere in the body associated with spinal issues such as:

    - Spinal Stenosis
    - Degenerative Disc Disease
    - Herniated Disc
    - Spinal Kyphosis
    - Sciatica
    - Sprain
    - Back Strain

    Through Therapeutic Yoga Postures, breathing practices, and other yoga techniques such as pratayahara (mind, body and sense connection), visualization and meditation, you will:

    - Relieve pain
    - Gain strength and flexibility in surrounding muscles and
    connective tissue
    - Experience new freedom in your spine
    - Learn to tailor yoga practice for your condition and
    - Relieve tension and discomfort in your back from stress and emotions
    - Heal and revitalize your body
    - Improve sleep and concentration

    Open to everyone and all levels.

  • 2017 Thrive Yoga 200hr Teacher Training
  • $2250 | Continuing Education

    This training is great for you if you are looking to deepen your practice or become a confident and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Thrive 200 hour Training is a small group training (up to only 20 students) with one-on-one attention to the individual. The Thrive training curriculum is modern but rooted in the tradition of yoga. Thrive training programs were first introduced 8 years ago and have graduated nearly 300 unique teachers and inquisitive yoga students. Our faculty is several highly trained instructors from all over the country with broad experience in their fields. You will make connections and build friendships and mentors that last a lifetime. You will graduate prepared to teach yoga-- whether you journey to that path is your choice!

    Training is held from 10:45am-5:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays (unless otherwise noted) on the following dates:

    Mar 4-5| Apr 1-2|May 6-7| June 10-11| July 8-9| Aug 12-13| Sept 9-10| Sept 30-Oct 1| Oct 14-15|
    Nov 4-5|Dec 2-3| Dec 9-10

    Take the 200 Hour Training for YOU! Mark ALL the training dates on your calendar. We understand if you have a schedule conflict. You can still apply to the training. Our training is known for its flexibility and depth! Trainees with schedule conflicts will be able to make-up missed lectures during the NEXT Thrive 200-hour training at no cost or by attending another program with an equivalent curriculum. Other make-ups can be scheduled for a fee.

  • Combine the joy of live music with the popular flowing style of yoga known for practicing deep breathing and increasing self-awareness and fitness. Joining your community in movement and play, expect to stretch and strengthen the body, and groove all the way down to your cellular membranes! 
    Sweat Factor: 8
    Chill Factor: 5