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Magic in the Making

Thrive Yoga opened its doors in the early morning of February 9, 2005. The dream child of owner and founder Susan Mondi Bowen, Thrive Yoga is Rockville Maryland’s first yoga and wellness center and as reviewed by The Washington Post, a unique destination in the DMV area. The magic feeling of peace and community is felt from the moment you walk through the doors and hear the waterfalls, see the murals and smiles, walk the spiraling halls, pass under arches, wind chimes, and trees, and settle in a chair or on your mat for a transformative experience.  Thrive has been rated the number one yoga studio in Maryland by the Best Things Maryland website (

In early 2005, only 15 million Americans practiced yoga, about 7% of our population. Yoga and transformative wellness programs have more than doubled today with 36 million Americans practicing yoga, and 28% of all Americans have participated in yoga at some point in their lives. Founder, Bowen experienced the magic of yoga before opening the doors of Thrive Yoga, which was awarded $5,000 in seed money from The Women in Business Start Right! Business Plan Competition. The original Business Plan was a vision document and a manual for success.  Susan worked tirelessly for more than a year on proving that Marylanders were hungry for a community wellness center to destress and feel peaceful. After all, Marylanders work very hard! Thrive Yoga has been on the leading edge of offering wellness programs to early adopters, consciousness seekers, and the mainstream community, set in the intention that wellness is for everyone.  

Life is not always easy - let’s not make yoga hard.

- Susan Mondi Bowen

Community Service

Thrive acts locally.  Thrive Yoga leads our staff, students, and friends in supporting a strong community through participation in community health fairs, coat drives, food bank donations, community shelters, neighborhood clean-up projects, donation-based programs, camps and scholarships.  Thrive offers training scholarships for school teachers in the local school districts to teach yoga and wellness to our youth — the next generation of leaders.

Leading Edge of Human Potential

Thrive has grown our original curriculum through cutting-edge scientific and spiritual discoveries. Thrive Yoga wellness professionals are experienced and continue to seek advanced certifications in all areas of health, wellness, fitness, consciousness, stress-relief, and human potential. 

Classes at Thrive are both traditional and innovative.  Try Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Hatha Yoga.  At Thrive you will also enjoy innovative class options that harmonize the mind-body connection with classes such as Yin and Essential Oils, Candlelight Flow with Himalayan Salt Lamps. Fitness-focused classes include Yoga Core and Sculpting Yoga with Weights. Unique workshops are curated regularly to train students in yoga techniques for relaxation, increased health, vitality, and stress-reduction. Workshop offerings include: Yoga for Healthy Backs, Aerial Yoga with Silks, Hot Stone Restorative Yoga, and Wellness Lifestyle Trainings.

The 200-hour and 300-hour Teacher Training Programs and the Specialty Training Programs offer a deeper study of yoga for teachers and students.

Rooted in yoga practices and realistic understanding of the modern life, you can get physically fit, become more self-aware, and live a healthier life at Thrive. Our diverse community of students varies in age from 8 weeks – 85 years.  It is easy to start. You are welcome to a ThriveStyle.

Together We Thrive